Sheep rearing business

Project status (March 2023): fundraising

Rearing sheep is a good business opportunity in rural Ghana. Demand for sheep is high, and sheep-rearing work can be done alongside other work like arable farming. But it is expensive to start such a business. Providing start-up costs can enable someone to take control of their own livelihood, and provide for their family.


Sheep to be reared
The start-up funds will be used to purchase an initial stock of 15 sheep will be reared and bred, and it is expected we will have 15 births in the first year. The plan is to continually breed and sell 15-20 sheep each year, maintaining an ongoing stock also of 15-20 sheep.

The demand for sheep in Mampong is very high for both breeding and consumption. During festivities (Christmas, New Year, Eid al-Fitr, etc.), the demand always surpass the supply. So this is a good business to have.

Start-up costs

Start-up funds are required for the purchase of the sheep. For 15 sheep, a fenced area of 100 sq.m. is needed, so fencing materials are required. Equipment for feeding the sheep is also needed. Veterinary fees for antibiotic doses and purchase of pesticides are also required. Veterinary fees for assisting with illnesses may also be needed.

Kwasi has prepared a document detailing the veterinary procedures, in conjunction with a local vet. He has also produced a spreadsheet showing that such a business can become self-sustaining after the first year.


A first instance of this project is up and running!