Turbo Ghana

We are a micro charity, aimed at poverty relief in Ghana.

Our achievements

During the period 2018-2023, we have built a 150 m² kindergarten school in Aframano, and two boreholes there, 61 latrines, and a covered marketplace. We have transformed a village that had no water and no toilets into one with good water and sanitation. We built teacher accommodation (six rooms) to support the school. We have build a third borehole, in Atonobi, a community about two hours walk from Aframano. For full details, please see our completed projects.

Our current work

In December 2023, we’ve started building another kindergarten school in Kontonho, a community near Atonobi and two hours walk from Aframano. During 2024, we will complete the Kontonho school (we aim to complete by April), and we will start some new projects. For details, please see our current projects.

Costing and donations

All the money we receive will be spent directly on contractor costs (materials and labour) for completing the building work. None of it will be spent on our admin costs, such as accountancy, web hosting, bank charges, etc.; those are funded by personal contributions by the trustees.

Here is how to donate!