Borehole Near School, and Covered Marketplace, Aframano


We had some money left over after installing the mechanised borehole in Aframano in 2019, so we discussed again with the village leaders what the next priorities were. Two things came up. First, the school needed its own borehole for drinking water and hygiene. The other one was the need for a covered marketplace in the centre of the village. We worked with Ashanti Development to complete these projects.

School borehole (July 2020)

This is a manual borehole, avoiding the irksome problems of the mechanised borehole while the village is still waiting for electricity to be connected. The water is very good quality and tastes lovely. The water committee collects 3p per container, and uses it when the borehole needs maintenance.

Covered Marketplace (September 2020)

During my first visit to Aframano in 2017, people had said that they needed a covered marketplace, so it was great that we had enough money to build one. It protects from both rain and sun. I hope my next visit coincides with market day, so I can see it in full use. When not used for market, it’s good for meetings and other events.

Update (February 2022)

I took these photos in February 2022 - I wasn’t able to visit during the covid lockdowns - delighted to see that the borehole is working perfectly and the marketplace is looking great.