PAD trustee: Turbo Ghana

PAD trusteeship

Turbo Ghana is participating in a research project organised by Privacy-preserving accountable decryption (PAD). We are acting as a PAD Trustee. Privacy-preserving accountable decryption (PAD) is a system for achieving accountable decryption (also called transparent decryption). It relies on a set of trustees. The trustees blindly perform decryptions, provided that the decryption request has been recorded on a blockchain. The trustees aren’t required to make any judgment about the merits of the decryption request; they just check that it is correctly recorded, and then go ahead and decrypt. Transparent decryption means people can get to know if decryptions about them are performed, by inspecting the blockchain. For example, PAD Places is an app that allows you to nominate friends that can track your location; they can access your location in encrypted form, and decrypt it whenever they want. But you can see in the blockchain when and whether they exercise that ability. We think this is a good balance between privacy and functionality. PAD technology requires us to publish the public parameters of our trusteeship.