Turbo Ghana NFTs

Turbo Ghana is delighted to be collaborating with Maxity in order to launch a range of NFTs. We believe that NFTs will be valued by our donors as a representation of their support for our work. We hope our donors will enjoy the artwork we have commissioned from around the world.

How to get our NFTs?

If you are already aware of how to use cryptocurrency like Ethereum or Matic, then please visit Maxity and click charities and find Turbo Ghana. Alternatively, go directly to Turbo Ghana NFTs on Maxity.

If you are not familiar with cryptocurrency and would like to pay for your NFT using a bank card, here is the procedure:

  • Make a donation using your bank card of the appropriate amount;
  • Tell us which NFT you would like to have;
  • Send us an email at info@turboghana.org and we will arrange to send you the NFT.

Development of water boreholes

Nothing in life is more important than water. It is vital for drinking, and also for hygiene. Yet, millions of people around the world have no access to clean water. We have built two boreholes in Aframano, a remote village in Ghana that previously relied on dirty and polluted water 20 minutes walk away. Now they have delicious, clean water in two locations within the village. This is a life-changing transformation. We will to build ten more boreholes in other villages in the region.

Borehole NFT series 1

Borehole NFT series 2

Borehole NFT series 3

Borehole NFT series 4

Borehole NFT series 5

Building schools

Education is important for everyone. In the remote communities around Aframano, there are no schools. Children can walk to school in Aframano, but in some cases this is a two-hour walk. Older children can undertake this, but younger children cannot. We have built kindergarten school in Aframano, and now our aim is to build a school in two communities which are a two-hour walk away. The school will have three classrooms: kindergarten, primary 1, and primary 2. After primary 2, children are old enough to undertake the walk to the village.

A school in construction

We haven’t finished designing school NFTs yet. We’ll do so soon, check back later. This one (not issued) is a work in progress.