School opening

July 30, 2022

We are happy that the school building and teachers' accommodation that we fundraised for in 2021 and built between February and June 2022 has been officially opened by the community. School lessons start on Monday 1 August 2022!

Opening ceremony

Cutting the ribbon. Kwasi Alare (assemblyman) is wearing the orange t shirt. On his immediate right is the Headteacher at Aframano, Seth Opoku; and on Seth's right is Haruna Mamudu, the Unit Committee chairman. Then on Kwasi's left is Mr Thomas Appiah Kubi, Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) Mampong Municipal Assembly.

Executives of the Parent-Teachers Association.

The Queen Mother and the sub Chiefs of Aframano. The cars must belong to the dignitaries from Mampong, for I have never seen cars like these ones in Aframano.

Gabriel Antwi is the Director of Education at Mampong Municipal Assembly. I met him when I visited Aframano this year.

Some children, with Akwagyina.

News report

First day at school

Assembly outside

The first morning of class (Monday 1 August 2022). Currently there is no furniture, but we want to raise money for that.

Teacher Agnes Oduro taking the first ever class in our new school.