Briefing for NFT designer for Turbo Ghana


Turbo Ghana is a micro charity, aimed at poverty relief in Ghana. We want to design three collections (using the three themes below) of NFTs which we will sell to our donors.

Each collection could either be a collection of 5 NFTs (each one individually drawn), or better, a collection of 500 NFTs (with programmed variations).

The NFTs artwork should be in a characteristic NFT style (artistic, abstract, possibly pixelated). They should be fun and humourous, but hopefully not detracting from the seriousness of the charity’s work.

They must be original, free from all copyright and other claims.

Slow website. The animated GIF NFTs below might take a few moments to load in your browser. Please be patient.

Theme 1: Building a school

  • The NFT shows that we build a school where there is no school, but one is needed.

  • The NFT might show the act of creating a school

    • For example, the school emerges from the background

    • Maybe we see the school being built

  • Or the NFT might show the impact/benefit that the school will have.

    • For example, one impact is that children don’t have to walk for two hours to an existing school.

    • Another impact is that children will learn.

To illustrate this, we created an animated GIF to show an example. However, this is not in typical NFT style. We want the NFT designer to give us something that is more typical of NFT style. NFT idea 1

Theme 2: School twinning

  • The NFT illustrates twinning a school in Ghana with a school in UK.

    • It tries to illustrate the connection between the two schools

    • We may have a celebrity former student of the UK school

    • The picture illustrates a connection between the celebrity former student and a student of the Ghana school.

We created a mock photograph to show an example (but it is not in typical NFT style):

NFT idea 2

Theme 3: Building a borehole (water pump)

  • The NFT captures the change brought about by building a borehole.

    • One change is that the villagers don’t have to drink possibly polluted water from the stream, but can drink fresh water from the borehole.
    • Another change is that the villagers don’t have to walk a long distance to the stream, but only a shorter distance to the borehole.

We try to illustrate:

This transition could also be implemented as an animated GIF, morphing the first photo to the second one, like this:

NFT idea 4

Or something like this:

Free design

We also encourage you to take any of the three themes above and come up with your own idea for representing it as an NFT. You can ignore what we have written and just be creative.