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Getting artwork on is difficult. The artists are enthusiastic but lack imagination and don’t read instructions carefully. So you end up requesting many revisions, just repeating the instructions you gave at the beginning. However, I think it is still a good idea. It will take a bit longer.

Here is what we have so far. These artworks cost between £5 and £50.

Static picture NFTs - water borehole theme

(1) Picture from avishekavik140


I think this artwork is the best of all of them here. It also cost the most (£50), but I think it is still reasonable.

Avishekavik is currently making another picture for us.

We can make a collection by varying: the gender (male/female) of the person; what they are wearing; the colour and type of bucket, etc. I think we can program these variations to make a collection of 100, with the cooperation of the artist.

Making a collection

I did some editing with gimp and then some programming to create about 4500 variations on this work. Here is a random selection of 9 of my variations:

Here, I have just varied the colours. With the cooperation of the artist, we can vary more things, like the the gender (male/female) of the person; what they are wearing; the colour and type of bucket, etc.

I wrote a program that computes about 4500 colour variations. I didn’t build them all, but I easily can. Here’s about 120 of them.

Static picture NFTs - school building theme

(2) Picture from terrijkitts


This represents a school under construction. The left side of the school is fully built, the right side is not yet fully built. I think this idea could work.

We can make a collection by varying what the school looks like, what the people are doing, what they are wearing, etc. This could be programmed so we could produce 100 variations.

(3) Picture from ahashanakash


This is also an interesting drawing, aiming to show a school in various stages of development. It is perhaps less successful than the first one.

Video NFTs - water borehole theme

(4) Video from waqasahmed451

(5) Video from designer_tayab

(6) Video from yoko_designer

(7) Video from umer_177

Video NFTs - school building theme

(8) Video from damirurithmaka