Atonobi borehole project starts

November 3, 2023

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After months of rain, it’s now possible to start the borehole project in Atonobi. The hydrogeologist came with some equipment to figure out the best place to site it. It seems from the pictures that he has a phone app that communicates with the orange device, which is measuring something by means of a pole that is sunk into the ground. I don’t know what is being measured, or how this works. Please enlighten me if you know!

These photos were sent to us by Kwasi. I’m happy to recognise some faces among the villagers, below.

Villagers are looking at the procedings with curiosity, and it seems the hydrogeologist was willing to pose for a nice group picture.

I’m so happy that this lovely community is soon going to have fresh water. I hope the borehole is finished by the time of my trip next month (December 2023), so I can drink from it.

Update (5 November)

The prospecting company has sent us their report, and it seems encouraging.

They have identified three possible sites for a borehole, called A42, A35, and A30 in their report. Surprisingly to me, the two sites with the coordinates are only 4 metres apart. This seems rather small compared to the depth of the hole (70 to 120 metres). But overall this is very good news!

Update (17 November)

The drilling took place a couple of days ago (15 November). Kwasi went with the drilling company. I think it took about 3 hours to complete. The drilling machine is very loud. The drill is about 10m high, but drills to a depth of 70m. I guess it’s telescopic or something.

Eventually, water comes gushing out, to a height of about 2m, as if it’s under pressure. Then it stabilises to a trickle. I assume the hole is about 10cm diameter, and as the drilling progresses they line it with hard plastic piping to stop it closing up.

Update (30 November)

The water was tested for bacterial content and metal content. We haven’t yet got the result of the testing. If it proves unsuitable for drinking, that will be disappointing. But it would still be useful for washing and crop irrigation.

A temporary pump was connected for the test to be done, and the villagers took the opportunity to get some water.

Update (12 December during Mark’s visit)

The borehole is almost complete. The concrete base has been made. All that remains is to fit the pump.

Borehole location

Update (16 December, shortly after Mark came back to UK)

It’s all finished and working.